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Julia Ritirc - Taiwan’s Conservative Movement

and its Mobilization Strategies in the Context of Same-sex Marriage Legislation

This talk focuses on Taiwan’s recently re-emerged conservative movement ignited due to the introduction of a same-sex marriage proposal in the Legislative Yuan in September 2013. The analysis tackles the movement mobilization strategies of the Alliance for the Protection of the Family (台灣宗教團體愛護家庭大聯盟), a central organization in the process of the movement and its mobilization. In order to explain the determinants of movement mobilization, the author draws on theories of hybrid identities and organizations (Padgett and Ansell 1993; Schumpeter 1939; Rao, Monin, and Durand 2005; Goss and Heaney 2010; Heaney and Rojas 2014). In the analysis, the Alliance for the Protection of the Family is defined as a hybrid movement organization (or group) using strategies of frame extensions and coalition building for connecting with activists and groups with religious and non-religious backgrounds in order to catalyze movement participation and hence gain critical mass. The ability to mobilize a broad range of its constituents and its legitimacy within the movement increases the organization’s political leverage.

JULIA RITIRC is a PhD candidate at the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna, from which she holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Sinology. She studied Chinese at the University of Vienna, Ca’ Foscari University and National Chengchi University. In 2010, she was awarded a Taiwan Scholarship from the Ministry of Education of Taiwan and moved to Taiwan in order to pursue Chinese language training and a subsequent M.A. degree programme in Political Science at National Chengchi University. Her research focuses on environmental governance in China with a particular interest in the cadre management system.


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