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Simona Grano - Taiwan’s post-2008 Environmental Activism

Green Rethoric or True Committment?

In my speech I will attempt to pinpoint the key issues that have characterised Taiwan’s environmental movement and its battles, starting with the democratic transition at the end of the ‘80s, before focusing on two developmental projects – Taiwan’s eighth petrochemical plant and fourth nuclear power facility – to bring to light the most significant changes and continuities in the environmental-policy realm.

I will focus on the post-2008 period and the ensuing renaissance experienced by the environmental movement, among others. In the final part of my speech I will considers the consequences of the KMT’s second electoral victory – in January 2012 – for environmental policies and, in light of the article’s findings I will summarise whether we can talk of a green civic society becoming more successful or whether their victoriesare directly related to other outside events.

SIMONA GRANO obtained her Ph.D. in Chinese Studies from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in 2008. Since February 2009 she has been  working in the Department of Sinology at Zürich University, where she teaches various courses and carries out research on contemporary social problems and green politics in China and Taiwan. Her research interests focus on environmental management and politics, state–society relations, and judicial sector reforms.


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