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Chun-Yi Lee - The Role of Female Workers in Chinese Labour Movement

Has China transformed itself from the world factory sweat shop to an industrial upgraded country?

This lecture/seminar will examine the role of female workers in the Chinese labour movements. The core questions will be discussed in this lecture are:

1.    Has China transformed itself from the world factory sweat shop to an industrial upgraded country?
2.    What are the social changes of the industrial relations in China? This part will include the trade union and the development of grass-root labour organisations
3.    More importantly, what have female workers contributed to the above changes, if there has been any changes in China’s industrial relations from 1949 till present?

Readings for this lecture:

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Dr. Chun-Yi Lee is a lecturer at the school of Politics and International Relation (SPIR) at University of Nottingham. Her current research project is: 'Chinese Investment in Taiwan: Opportunities or Challenges to Taiwan's Industrial Development?' This project aims to investigate bilateral cross-Strait economic activities and also, its impact on both societies. It is a two and half year project, started in July 2014, aim to finish in December 2016. Chun-Yi's previous research project is ''national transformation and workers' rights: An analysis of Chinese labour within the global economy' with Prof. Andreas Bieler at SPIR. This project investigated the influence of different foreign investors on Chinese workers and labour rights. Using interviews, participant observation and cases studies, this project examined the emergence of civil society in this dynamic interaction among the state, foreign capital, and workers in China. This is a three-year project, it finished in September 2014.


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