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Ann Heylen - Earthquake, Typhoon, Cyclone, Landslide and Flood: Taiwan in the News

Date: Wednesday 7th November, 2018 
Time: 18:30 - 20:00 
Location: SIN1, entrance 2.3, Altes AKH, Campus, Spitalgasse 2  bit.ly/2DftNfEbit.ly/2DftNfE

This presentation will give an historical account of the Taiwan news coverage in the Belgian printed press between the 1850s and 1950s. At the time, Taiwan was referred to as Formosa, and changed hands from Chinese province to Japanese colony following China’s defeat in the Sino-Japanese war of 1894-95. The discussion will elaborate on the advantages and challenges in working with digital keyword data search, substantiated by an illustration that parts of the Formosa discourse as it was formed in the late 19th century – for instance the similarity with British press reports attentive to natural calamities and disasters - sustained itself throughout the 20th century, and testify to a perception whose naming and terminology persists until today.

Ann Heylen Ph.D K.U.Leuven in Chinese Studies, is Professor at the Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), and Director of the International Taiwan Studies Center (ITSC), at the College of Liberal Arts, NTNU. She is a founding member of the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) and editor-in-chief of the East Asian Journal of Popular Culture (EAJPC, Intellect, UK). Her research covers the history of Taiwan, from 17-20th century, with special attention to Dutch Formosa, the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945) and more recently the turn of the 19th century relations between the Low Countries and East Asia.

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