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Wednesday, 9. October 2013

Sang-Yeon Sung - Taiwan: Center of East Asian Pop Circle

Factors such as the speed of the internet, multiple cable channels, and a growing notion of globalization have enhanced dynamic cultural exchanges within East Asia.

Wednesday, 16. October 2013

Helmut Opletal - Taiwan’s political developments and the status of its indigenous people

Taiwan’s 500.000 „aborigines” are looking back on a history of domination and gradual assimilation by colonial powers and mainland Chinese settlers and officials.

Wednesday, 20. November 2013

Agnes Schick-Chen - Politics of memory and the question of ethnicity in Taiwan

When martial law and the taboo of discussing its negative consequences were lifted in 1987, the question of how to come to terms with the traumatic memories of former political persecution and punishment was mostly revolving...

Wednesday, 18. December 2013

Jens Damm - Taiwan’s Ethnicities

The Perspective from Mainland China

Wednesday, 15. January 2014

Christian Göbel - Local factions, corruption and anti-corruption in Taiwan

Although corruption has been a grave political concern for decades, and although nearly all administrations have lanced anti-corruption campaigns, the problem seems to persist in Taiwan.

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