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Agnes Schick-Chen - Politics of memory and the question of ethnicity in Taiwan

When martial law and the taboo of discussing its negative consequences were lifted in 1987, the question of how to come to terms with the traumatic memories of former political persecution and punishment was mostly revolving about the 28 February Incident of 1947.

The focusing on 228 and the minor attention paid to the ensuing White Terror period are linked to the argument of ethnicity that gained momentum in the political discourse on Taiwan in the nineteen nineties and did not only address the fate of Taiwan’s indigenous people, but also implied a division of the Han population that had migrated to Taiwan at different points in time and with different backgrounds.

Agnes S. Schick-Chen is Associate Professor of Sinology and interim deputy head of the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna; she was in charge of the studies program of Chinese studies and is co-editor of the Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies. She lived in Taipei, Hong Kong and Nanjing and has been teaching courses on Chinese law, politics and society in Vienna and at Erasmus partner universities since 1999. Her main fields of research are the development of legal and political culture in the Greater China region. Her latest publications include a book on the legal culture discourse in the PRC (2009) and a co-edited volume on questions of how to come to terms with the past and politically motivated injustice in the PRC and Taiwan (2012).

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