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Christian Göbel - Local factions, corruption and anti-corruption in Taiwan

Although corruption has been a grave political concern for decades, and although nearly all administrations have lanced anti-corruption campaigns, the problem seems to persist in Taiwan.

The presentation first sheds light on the development of the institutional structures from which corruptive practices have emerged, and then evaluates if the abuse of public office for private gain is indeed as big a problem as the media and public opinion portray it to be. Particular attention will be given to the diversification and changing role of local factions, which have long been regarded as lynchpins in Taiwan’s informal politics, and their connection to other social and political actors. Against this background, the anti-corruption policies of the Chen Shui-bian and Ma Ying-jeou administrations will be introduced to see if, and how, they have affected corruption in Taiwan. The talk will be based on an analysis of primary sources such as government documents and newspaper articles, and on insights gained in four weeks of field research in a Taiwanese county notorious for its factional politics and organized crime.

Christian Göbel is Professor of Contemporary China Studies at the University of Vienna. After completing his Ph.D. in 2008 he was appointed Assistant Professor for Politics in East Asia at the University of Duisburg-Essen and has since occupied several senior positions at Duisburg-Essen, Lund and Heidelberg universities. Christian Göbel studied Political Science and Modern China Studies, and has widely done fieldwork and conducted interview series in the People’s Republic of China and in Taiwan.

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