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Sang-Yeon Sung - Taiwan: Center of East Asian Pop Circle

Factors such as the speed of the internet, multiple cable channels, and a growing notion of globalization have enhanced dynamic cultural exchanges within East Asia.

Recent discussion on East Asian media is centered on the idea of “East Asian popular culture” in the global scene, and the cultural imperialism of the West is no longer a topic of concern. The consumption of “East Asian popular culture” has gradually become part of the daily East Asian routine, more closely connecting the peoples of the region. Although Taiwan plays a significant role in the whole East Asian pop circle and its geographical location and openness toward foreign culture make this location a diverse and transnational spot, scholars have considered Taiwan to be less important place to discuss than that of Japan and South Korea, reflecting their growing power in the East Asian pop circle. This lecture is designed to understand the role that Taiwan is playing in the East Asian pop cultural landscape. Their unique political history, geographical location, diversity and openness character brings Taiwan the most active cultural importer of the region and plays significant role on the Asian pop market. 


Sang-Yeon Sung is currently doing research and teaches at the department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna. She has received her Ph.D at the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. Her teaching and research varies from Korean popular music to East Asian culture in general such as Hallyu in Taiwan, East Asian popular music in Taiwan, and Hallyu reception in Europe. Her current research focuses on ethnographical research on Hallyu in Vienna, Austria and has produced various articles, including, ‘The Role of Hallyu in the Construction of East Asian Regional Identity” in European Journal of East Asian Studies.

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