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Wan-Ying Yang - Women’s Movement and Gender Value Changes in Taiwan

This study concerns the connection between the development of women’s movement and the gender consciousness of the public Women movements have advocated different gender issues and values in different time periods, which in turns diffusing into and mobilizing the gender consciousness of the general. Along with the progress of Taiwan women’s movement, the changes of the gender value of the public could be divided into two stages/generations: The first gender generation refers to those experiencing the social structure, cultural and political changes in Taiwan, came to challenge the established gender order and formed new organizations, and advocated for policy reforms and social structure changes. This study labels this movement as the “women’s movement generation of the 70s”, referring to the generation whose gender values are shaped by the collective women movement at that time. The second gender generation arising at the 1990s, right after Taiwan democratization and the social diversification, women’s movement instilled into the university curriculums and campus activities and associations. With the advent of new members who had grown up in a relatively gender-equal environment, the focus of the movement turns to the subject of identity and differences. We refer those whose gender values took shaped under this time period as “women’s movement generation of the 90s”. To further examine the collective generational differences in terms of gender values, this study apply the World Value Surveys(WVSs) of Taiwan in 2012 to show the differences between the pre-women’s movement generation, the women’s movement generation of the 70s, and the women’s movement generation of the 90s. This study will show that generation differences are the key to understand the collective transformation of Taiwan’s women’s movement and gender values.

WAN-YING YANG became head of the Department of Political Sciences at National Chengchi University in 2013, where she has been a professor since receiving her PhD at Michigan State University in 1999. She has widely published on gender issues in Taiwan and in international comparison, on the new “migrant brides”, and on women’s political rights and participation. Wan-Ying Yang has been a guest professor at Goettingen University, Germany. She participates in several Taiwan- and China-related academic associations worldwide. She has been chairperson of Awakening and is now supervisor and a member of its board.


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