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Wednesday, 14. October 2015

Sebastian Hsien-hao Liao - Romance of the Three Kins

Negotiating the Japanese Imaginary in Taiwan Cinema

Wednesday, 21. October 2015

Sebastian Hsien-hao Liao - Politics of Geography

The Post-Chinese Visions in Taiwan Film

Thursday, 29. October 2015

Linda Arrigo - The Taiwan Independence Movement in Long-Term Perspective

Will the Sunflower Student Movement Make Any Impact on US Indifference and Chinese Bullying?

Wednesday, 11. November 2015

Ann Heylen - Taiwanese Identity and the Film Formosa Betrayed

A Multilayered Interpretation of Taiwan History

Wednesday, 25. November 2015

Chris Berry - The Japan Complex in Taiwanese Cinema

In Taiwan, it used to be common to say that older people who had nostalgic memories of the half-century of Japanese colonisation

Wednesday, 13. January 2016

Ti-Han Chang - Nature, Ecology and Oceanic Imagination

in Relation to Postcolonial Environment and Taiwanese Literature

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