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Wednesday, 19. October 2016

Ming-Chiang Lin - Land Development and Urban Renewal in Taiwan

Conflict Resolution by Law?

Friday, 18. November 2016

Taiwan Week "comfort women"

18. Nov. - 25. Nov. 2016

Friday, 18. November 2016

Round Table - ‘Comfort Women’ in China and Taiwan:

Human Rights Violation without End?

Sunday, 20. November 2016

吳秀菁 - 電影放映會《蘆葦之歌》


Wednesday, 23. November 2016

Hsiu-Ching Wu - Meeting Taiwanese former "comfort women" 70 years after WW II

The honourable human values documented by "The Song of the Reed"

Thursday, 24. November 2016

Hsiu-Ching Wu - "Song of the Reed"

Documentary on so-called "comfort women" in Taiwan: Screening and discussion

Wednesday, 30. November 2016

Jens Damm - Soft Power through Cultural Diplomacy by Non-State Actors

Taiwan’s Strength, China’s Weakness?

Thursday, 1. December 2016

Jens Damm - The “Chinese Overseas” and the new Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia

Transcultural Mediators or "Fifth Column"

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