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Franco-Taiwanese Prize Awarded to Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies Head

In a special and colorful ceremony at the Institut de France in Paris on 20 November 2017, the Franco-Taiwanese Foundation awarded its 2016 Prize to Astrid Lipinsky, co-founder of the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies at the University of Vienna, Austria. Dr. Lipinsky has directed and developed the Center since 2009.

She shared the 2016 award with the Director of the Paris Théatre de l’Athénée Louis-Jouvet, who often cooperates with Taiwanese artists or organizes Taiwan programs. 

The annual Franco-Taiwanese award was introduced in 1996 by the Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) and the French Academie des Sciences morales et publiques. It awards European Taiwan centers and initiatives with a financial prize of 25,000 Euros. 

Taiwanese Vice-Minister of Culture, Dr. T. P. Yang, and the President of the Academie, M. Michel Pébereau, presented the award certificate to Dr. Lipinsky. The event was attended by the Taiwanese ambassador to France and other members of the Academie as well as representatives from several Taiwanese ministries.

All of the academicians but one were men, and the one female member, Prof. Dr. Marianne Bastid-Bruguière, was the only, and internationally reknowned, sinologist. She thus especially appreciated, as did dozens of Taiwanese guests, that Dr. Lipinsky gave her acceptance speech in Chinese, after first excusing herself (in French) for not speaking that language.

Following a brief reception and two interviews in Chinese given by Dr. Lipinsky, the ceremony concluded with a banquet for selected guests and the two award winners.

During the award ceremony the Secretary Perpetuel of the Academie, retired Professor Jean-Robert Pitte, gave a detailed explanation of the selection of the awardees. He emphasized the amount of volunteer, unpaid work concerning Taiwan done by the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies. A Taiwan lecture series, like the one the Vienna Center has organized for the past five years, has recently been institutionalized in Paris.

The prize has previously been received by older, larger and more established Taiwan centers like the one at SOAS London and ERCCT in Tuebingen, Germany. As it prepares for its tenth anniversary in 2019, the Vienna Center has now joined this prestigious group.

In her Chinese address, Dr. Lipinsky mentioned the Vienna Center’s reliance on multiple Taiwan donors. And described the Center in Vienna’s valuable contacts in Eastern Europe, where it has institutionalized a close cooperation and exchange with many Eastern European universities.

In addition, the Vienna Center also has a close relationship with the Taiwan partner universities of the University of Vienna. These include the National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University and Tamkang University, which are all based in Northern Taiwan, around Taipei. Therefore, the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies has started a Southern Taiwan exchange with Chang Jung Christian University and National Kaohsiung University, among others. This international cooperation includes bilateral Austrian-Taiwanese conferences and the joint editing of books in the Vienna Taiwan Studies Series.

“This generous award,” Dr. Lipinsky stated, “will contribute to the continuation and expansion of our many educational and cultural programs around issues of concern to both Taiwan and Europe.”

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